2030+IFO Exhibitiion 47th CIFF 2021

CNFA and CIFF tasked our in50 team with the mission to raise the Guangzhou CIFF office exhibition to an international level of quality. We invited designers from top furniture brands around the world to tell their stories, together with leaders from top technology companies to share their vision of the future with us to co-create this years exhibition story. “Breathe” is the theme of this year’s exhibition. Nature is the highlight of this years exhibition with rich environments filled with grass, plant life and Martian landscape. We wanted people to be immersed in a rich environment and full of stories to give life to the furniture art pieces.    

CNFA CIFF 责请我们的 in50 设计团队将广州 CIFF 办公室展览提升到国际水平。我们邀请国际顶级家具品牌的设计师与顶级科技公司的领导者一起讲述他们的故事,与我们分享他们对未来的愿景,共同打造今年的展览故事。呼吸是今年展览的主题。自然是今年展览的亮点,丰富的环境充满了草,植物生命和火星景观。我们希望人们沉浸在丰富的环境和故事中,为家具艺术作品注入活力。   

Location 项目地点: 广州 Guangzhou
Size 项目面积: +/-1000 m2
Completed 完工时间: 20213

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