Who We Are:

in50 Design is an architecture firm who’s forte is creating sustainable and innovative spaces, our name also means “in 50 years” because we want to bring everything we do into the future to continue spreading our philosophy. We live in a polluted environment especially in China, the air, water and food, i.e. fast food making us fat and unhealthy. This fast food culture for a long time has changed the way we eat, go to work and even how we think at work: Fast & Cheap and never mind quality and our human health! At in50, we like to question life and design spaces that help people experience life in an inspiring way. Architectural buildings are designed to have a life of 50 years or more. So we believe places should be healthy, creative and enjoyable, as well be forward thinking, timeless and human-centred. 

  1. Empower people
  2. Full Support
  3. International Quality
  4. Health & Sustainability
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Waterson Lam

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Why We Are Different

Empowering people


We love to design for people, to empower people. We do so with a perspective that people come in all different race, culture, sex, abilities and scale. Understand and respecting these acute differences in people, we design to help give people a richer experience lifestyle. Our humanistic approach to design is what makes us truly different.

我们热衷于为人而设计,让设计赋予人力量。我们从种族,文化,性别,能力,身材大小不同角度思考进行设计。基于理解和尊重这些不同,我们的设计帮助人们丰富其生活方式的体验。 正是我们以人为本的设计使我们与众不同。


Full Support


We provide full support on and off site with professionals there for you working out details to ensure your dream space come to life. We understand the reason you hire architects and designers is so that we can help you through the difficult process of design and construction. We pride ourselves for being there for you throughout all design and construction stages.



International Quality


International level of quality is our standard at in50 Design. We check all materials for the highest level of quality, safety, sustainability and health. Quality for us is more than just what you can see and touch, it is what you feel and experience. Good quality environment come from a spirit of craftsmanship in which we give considerations to even the smallest of details.

在in50 Design我们有国际标准的质量,我们检查所有的材料目的是为了提高项目质量水平、安全、可持续性和健康。这不仅仅是能看到和触摸到的,你可以去感受和体验。好的环境质量来自于对工艺的追求和对细节的考虑。


Health & Sustainability


The life of buildings from the time it is built is at least 50 years or more. At in50 we look far into the future to ensure all our design keep our earth healthy for our children and future generations. Designing for health & sustainably is in our DNA from the start of every design. We pride ourselves to protect our earth free from water, soil, food and air pollution cause especially by the architecture and building industry.


in50 Clients
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