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Mountains, water, bamboo forest, distant stars! The showroom of new office furniture has a sense of nature and futuristic technology. “It is not that spring is absent from the countryside, but just the people who lives in the city may not have experienced it” “始知郊田之外,未始无春,而城居者未之知也” Living in the hustle and bustle of the big city, …

【in50新作】远山、流水、竹林、星空!兼具自然与未来科技感的新型办公家具展厅 Read More »

Kanas VIP Guesthouse Design Log Highlights「喀纳斯民宿设计行记」

inVIDEO: Kanas VIP Guesthouse Design Log Highlights 喀纳斯VIP民宿设计行记   2018年的3月,in50结合了园林设计、机电工程、视觉品牌等设计团队在新疆当地一起生活、一起工作、一起玩耍甚至一起很High的喝着中国的白酒和呼吸着高含氧量的空气。 7天6夜,从和客户聊梦想到体验当地的文化和生活,我们真诚面对我们的初心,从想要帮助人提升生活质量的角度出发,以人类的体验、五种感官和情感来做设计,这就是我们的in50。 喀纳斯VIP民宿,我们很疯狂的在做,希望人们能够记住这个空间,进而促进人们对文化和自然环境可持续发展的认可,我们相信在未来我们会和自己交谈,并会意识到我们是多么的幸运!

A in50 Design Project: Snowy Borders「in50 新企划!雪色边疆」

This time, our team has gone to the far end of Northwest China. For the new project in Kanas, Altay, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, we conducted the research and immersive local life experience for a week. 此次应客户邀约,我们的团队来到了中国的最西北,位于新疆阿勒泰喀纳斯做新项目的调查和为期一周的当地生活沉浸式体验。

Our dream studio, heart of Beijing! 「梦想工作室,北京之心!」

Experiencing Beijing’s “Hutong” and “Siheyuan” first hand, where neighbourhood folks chants in lovely Beijing accent to sell “Tanghulu” and collect metal pots in the Hutongs. We realized that we needed to be closer to the authentic life of Beijing, as in50 Design studio is borned right here in this great city. 亲身体验北京的「胡同」和「四合院」,附近的居民们用着好听的北京口音唱卖「糖葫芦」,在胡同里收集金属罐。我们意识到,当in50设计工作室诞生在这个伟大的城市的同时,我们需要更接近北京的真实生活。

Join us at the grand opening of The Black Moth in Sanlitun 「加入我们在三里屯黑蛾酒吧的盛大开幕」

When life in the real world gets you down and escape is what you’re looking for the world of The Black Moth (TBM) can offer you temporary release. Now be prepared to walk into a world of senses with chilled music, provocative art and delicious cocktails. This sensual magical place is where you can be …

Join us at the grand opening of The Black Moth in Sanlitun 「加入我们在三里屯黑蛾酒吧的盛大开幕」 Read More »

German Centre Taicang 「德国中心-太仓」纪录短片

German Centre Taicang, a LEED and DGNB gold certified project 德国中心-太仓:LEED和DGNB金奖认证项目 We used the German Bauhaus Design and Chinese Suzhou Gardens. Beauty for us is not just in what you see, but also what we can touch, smell and feel.  我们采用了德国包豪斯和中国苏州园林的设计理念。对我们来说,美不仅仅在于你所看到的,还有我们所能触摸到、闻到和感觉到的。