Dongting Office Building

The idea that “less is better” from Dieter Rams brought us to the believe that purity of design and honesty of materials is essential in creating a space that is pure and timeless. The simple use of lines of bamboo created different spaces for different functions such as the small gaps for air ventilation, the larger spacing for lighting in the ceiling and the largest gaps for windows and views. Materials such as bamboo and marble are true to their own natural colour, grains and texture. Pure design with a touch of Natural light, trees and green plants bring out the ambiance of this elegant lobby. This lobby is also certified LEED and DGNB Gold, proof of our dedication for sustainable environments.

迪特尔·拉姆斯(Dieter Rams)“少即是好”(less is better)的理念让我们相信,设计的诚实和材料的纯粹对于创造一个永恒的空间是非常重要的。通过竹木简单线条的运用我们创造了不同的功能空间,例如小的间隙用于空调的通风,大的间隙为二楼工作的人们创造了窗户景观。像竹子和大理石这样的材料需要真实的展现它们的自然美。纯粹的设计与自然光的接触,树木和绿色植物将大厅的氛围变的优雅。这个项目也被认证为LEEDDGNB金奖,证明了我们对可持续性环保的奉献。

Location 项目地点: 太仓 Taicang
Size 项目面积: +/-1000 m2
Completed 完工时间: 20167

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