Resort - Heritage Protected Architecture

A place at the edge of China bordering Kazakstan, Russia. Is a heritage protected village in the Kanas region known as Hemu. We keep the exterior architecture untouched keeping with the Tuva culture history yet modernize the interior for VIP guest experience all year round. We designed the landscape garden to embrace the beauty of nature; reinforce and insulated the wood structure including windows and doors. For the interior space we created a double height living room atrium, created a second floor bedroom with a large triangular window to watch the stars at night. Our dream was to create a photographer’s heaven where wedding photos can be shoot beautifully and be unforgettable.


Location 项目地点: 新疆禾木 Xinjiang Hemu
Size 项目面积: +/-1200 m2
Completed 完工时间: 201910

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