New Oriental Xi'an Growth Learning Centre

There are great teachers here, our goal is to create a spaces where special memories and relationship can form between teachers and our kids. Our design is to bring in sunlight, fresh air and nature to the spaces. We have used international standards such as LEED, WELL and “BIOPHILIC DESIGN” theories to ensure that the spaces is safe, healthy and sustainable. We have also created a community centre like space that is used by the people from the community such as library and quiet study for students, so that they can come anytime not just during class time.

这里有很棒的老师,我们的目标是创造一个空间,让老师和孩子之间形成特殊的记忆和关系。我们的设计是把阳光、新鲜空气和大自然引入空间。我们采用LEEDWELL“BIOPHILIC 设计等国际标准,以确保空间安全、健康和可持续。我们还创建了一个社区中心,如社区的人使用的空间,如图书馆和安静的学习为学生,以便他们可以随时来,不只是在上课时间。

Location 项目地点: 西安 Xi’an
Size 项目面积: +/-2400 m2
Completed 完工时间: 20208

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