Mountains, water, bamboo forest, distant stars! The showroom of new office furniture has a sense of nature and futuristic technology.

“It is not that spring is absent from the countryside, but just the people who lives in the city may not have experienced it”


Living in the hustle and bustle of the big city, one craves for tranquility and peace; and wonders, what is our inner vision for the future?


“To design a human centric office furniture showroom of the future”


Onlead group which was founded in 1996, is among the first professional modern office furniture manufacturers that leads the industry in China. in50 was invited to design the Beijing Onlead furniture showroom, with a mission to create a human centric office furniture showroom of the future.
Future I Entrance
未来 I 入口

Entering the steel and glass building and slowly rising to the 9th Floor, The line of sight directs us to the futuristic entry gates whose soft curvature creates a gentle breeze that sweeps across. Light coming through the soft membrane, renders the future infinite.进入钢筋丛林,乘电梯而上九层,视线聚焦充满未来感的入口,线条柔和,凉风习习,灯光透过软膜,渲染未来无限可能。
Space I Flow
空间 I 流水

Art and Architecture lines compose the space. Man and nature, earth and heaven, sky and the way, create the nature of Tao. The Taoist philosophy emphasizes the relationship between heaven, earth and humans, to respect all things in nature, and coexists harmoniously. At the entrance, the touch of the concrete, the scent of coffee, green plants, sound of flowing water, and texture of wood floor, gives us an experience that brings us closer to nature. Beyond the bar the space opens into a multi-function area that is comfortable and relaxing.艺术以一种灵活的方式与建筑线条相映成彰。人法地,地法天,天法道,道法自然。道家哲学观强调天、地、人之间的相生关系,尊重自然万物,与之和谐共存。入口处触摸水泥质感的吧台,咖啡香气入鼻,空间里有真实的植物与流水,有回收再利用的木地板,听和感受大自然带给我们的体验。吧台背面连接开放式多功能厅,环境空间转换自然,舒服而不乏味。

Technology I Experience
科技 I 体验

Our future lives shall become healthier and more sustainable.Traveling through the time corridor gives us tastes of the past. Our eyes focus on classic pieces that bring out history and culture. In contrast the high-tech interactive light installation allows us to slow down and take in the rich experiences.未来我们的生活应该是更节能,更健康的,时光隧道,品味过往的文化沉积,视线所及,右侧的展示区通过一些经典产品展示传统文化,与之相对比,左侧搭配科技感十足的感应灯光,探索的过程中放慢脚步,让浏览的过程充满互动感。


趣味 I 星空

The vastness of the starry sky, the human exploration of the millennium, the fascination of it leads to infinite imagination. The sky darkens and our footstep slows enough to allow us to stop and gaze into the Milky Way above. The clear moon gate gives us the effect of water droplets, leading us to believe we are immersed in nature.



Bamboo Forest
穿越 I 竹林

Entering this area we feel the space is rich and beautiful. We walk through the bamboo forest with the streamline of earth colored carpet that twists and turns leading to a perfectly level concrete surface. A sense of quality and craftsmanship comes to mind through the details of the furniture as we carefully observe and enjoy.




现代 I 远山

The distant mountains, layer upon layer, light and shadow resembles Chinese ink brush painting. Out of the moon gate we are taken back into the future space with the shape of the curved ceiling that flows along with the steps of the exhibition lounge area that curves smoothly into form. The imagery of mountains in the distance layers the conference room doors to give us a moment of inspiration.



Floor Plan

Project Name: Onlead Beijing furniture showroom

Project Location: Xinhua Plaza, Shilihe Area, Chaoyang district, Beijing

Project Size: 2100sq.m ( Showroom& office space)

Design Company: in50 design

Design leader: Waterson Lam

Designers: David Lin / Decky Guo / Paul Pu

Soft Deco designer: Andy Liu

Completed Time: June 2019

Photographer: Gui Architectural space photography

项目面积:2100m2 (展厅+办公空间)
设计单位:北京昱华建筑设计咨询有限公司(in50 Design)
主持设计:Waterson Lam

Waterson  Lam

in50 Design


Waterson was born in Cambodia, raised in Canada with chinese ancestry. He moved to Beijing in 2005 where he lives and works. He founded in50 Design (昱华建筑) in 2010 to promote original design in China and enhance the interaction between human beings and built environment. He believes in questioning the norm and designs with people in mind. Waterson’s works express a “joy de vivre” and respect for the pure craft of design and architecture and uses his talents to enrich people lives and experiences.