Our respects to the builders and crafts people who help to realize this intricate KI showroom space now 80% complete.

Designers have fun with our ideas on paper and computer, but we often forget the people hard at work doing the construction. They are the ones that has to deal with the physical limitations of weather, time, materials and complicated building form from crazy modern designers like us.

We pay our respects to the builders, lighting installers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters and everyone who has put their effort and hands into crafting such an intricate showroom space for everyone to enjoy. 

Like any good project all sorts of problems arise onsite and the real honest communication, respect and equal treatment no matter the role are key to finding solution to all kinds of problems. This is a great experience for us as a team so far. Let’s see what imagination, blood, sweat and tear will bring when this showroom space is complete.

We are looking forward to the opening day when the curtain lifts on this very first KI Showroom in China!