A in50 Design Project: Snowy Borders「in50 新企划!雪色边疆」

This time, our team has gone to the far end of Northwest China. For the new project in Kanas, Altay, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, we conducted the research and immersive local life experience for a week.


Altay in ancient times, it was the pastureland of minority ethnic groups in Northwest China, and it was an important frontier town in Northwest China. “Altay” means “golden hill”, named because of the abundance of gold in the mountains. Kanas is located in the north of Altay where is a gold district of Kazakhstan’s, Russia’s, Mongolia’s and China’s borders. “Kanas” in Mongolian, meaning “beautiful and mysterious lake”, is a lakes located in the mountains of Altay alpine forests. 阿勒泰,在古代是中国少数民族的牧居地,是中国西北边陲重镇。“阿勒泰”, 意思是“金山”,因为山中藏有黄金而得名。喀纳斯位于阿勒泰的北部,是哈萨克斯坦、俄罗斯、蒙古和中国四国接壤的黄金地带, “喀纳斯”是蒙古语,意为“美丽而神秘的湖”, 是一个坐落在阿尔泰深山密林中的高山湖泊。

Along the journey, it gradually feels more exotic and the contrast between the modern cities makes the special affection stronger!


On this vast land of snow, it seems that the fast pace of the city swept away, released the mind to open up to the scenery.


In this small town, old buildings, hand-made crafts, local cultural embroidery, and horse riding replacing automobiles… If you have never been there, it’s hard to imagine a place like this to lead such a lifestyle. We carried out the research work of design in such an atmosphere.


Ordinary street view of the village 小镇上普遍的木屋平房

Local cultural embroidery is almost in every family 家家户户可见当地文化刺绣

The local groom and the horse 当地的马夫和马

Our colleague Johnny is trying to establish a relationship, but the horse doesn’t seem to like it.


Carrying out the measurement work 测量工作开展

In the evening, after wrapping up the research work, we enjoyed local food and chatted about what we saw during the day. Maybe… each person is touched by a different point, but this place really is quietly moving into a small corner of our hearts.


Thank you again to our client for inviting us. They do not just give us trusts in this project, but also brought us to experience this beautiful place!


After our team returns, we will work on incorporating our concept with local customs and culture to come up with a whole new idea and design. Stay tuned!


The journey continues…