German Centre Taicang 「德国中心-太仓」纪录短片

German Centre Taicang, a LEED and DGNB gold certified project


We used the German Bauhaus Design and Chinese Suzhou Gardens. Beauty for us is not just in what you see, but also what we can touch, smell and feel. 


Our concept for this amazing workspace environment is to promote collaboration and synergy between Germany and China. We also wanted to eliminate or challenge the old separation between work and play culture in the workplace. We did it by putting a garden, bakery and cafe right in the middle of the office for casual social gathering. Beauty for us is not just in what you see, but also what we can touch, smell and feel. 

We paid special attention to designing a sustainable environment. This carries weigh in our time and place living and working in China with heavy food, water and air pollution. Giving back we designed this office space awarded LEED and DGNB gold certification. 






The journey continues…