Our dream studio, heart of Beijing! 「梦想工作室,北京之心!」

Experiencing Beijing’s “Hutong” and “Siheyuan” first hand, where neighbourhood folks chants in lovely Beijing accent to sell “Tanghulu” and collect metal pots in the Hutongs. We realized that we needed to be closer to the authentic life of Beijing, as in50 Design studio is borned right here in this great city.



After several months of searching we finally found our dreams Siheyuan in the heart of Beijing. But this was a residential house with several bedrooms and lots of walls. In order to create the studio of our dreams we needed to take down all these walls and infuse our own in50 Design energy. After several stages of design discussions we decided to renovate the main entrance, the kitchen and the bamboo garden in the backyard to start.



At this specific studio our concept idea was to promote a healthy active low carbon lifestyle. Expressed through bicycles and green plants and natural sunlight. Plants help to clean the air and sunlight help to reduce depression sickness. While riding bicycle vs driving to work reduces fossil fuel consumption that cause harmful land, water and air pollution. In addition, cycling helps keep the body healthy and actively fit.


At in50 we don’t like to rush people, we prefer to talk patiently face to face. The studio now helps us to slow down so we can put more care and passion into doing great design for people to enjoy. If you are in the neighbourhood feel free to drop by for a warm cup of coffee, afternoon tea or just to talk.



Find your “journey” to us…